X-Ray Vision for Sales

Your sales team’s time is valuable. Give them the tools they need to pursue only the hottest prospects and maximize every minute of their day.

Real-time sales alerts make immediate follow-up a cinch. Social channel & CRM integrations put everything meaningful in one place. No need to jump between multiple applications to share or consume content. Engagement tracking & analytics let sales reps tailor the conversation to each of their prospects. Put marketing in the pockets of your sales team team with sharing and social posting across all channels.

Track Prospect Interactions

Sales users can now get a full and real-time picture of how their leads are engaging with your brand using the Engagement Panel. We'll show you what pages your prospects are visiting in real time, and how long they stayed on each page.

Gauge Your Success

Reflect on how effective each of your channels is with powerful metrics gathered by our patented URL shortening/tracking system.

Trackable Correspondence

Send trackable email and social posts and get "Tivo-like" replays of exactly what /howyour prospects are engaging with your brand.