Simple Social Engagement

Your clients and prospects maintain a constant presence on social media — and you should too!

Save time by sharing your content instantly across all social networks or use scheduled social posts. Gain visibility into which prospects are interacting with your social content and at what point in the sales cycle. Post to multiple channels simultaneously, cross-sell your content, and track the success of your social efforts — from one all-inclusive platform.

  • Post to all your social networks
  • Post to facebook pages you manage
  • Hashtag recommendations
  • Schedule social posts
  • Powerful click metrics

LeadRocket URL Shortener

We'll shorten your URLs so you don't have to. All links posted in the app are made trackable giving you real time notifications when prospects click on your links and are primed for engagement. Trackable links made to your domain will result in real-time tevo like replays of known prospects visits to your site, allowing you to better tailor your conversation to their needs.

Reflect on Your Success

Our powerful click metrics will help you reflect on whether or not what you are posting is a hit with the public. See anonymous click statistics as well as known prospects that click your publicly posted links. Keep track of your progress by exporting or printing these reports to hone your social media skills.

One Post to Rule Them All

Tired of logging into 5 different sites just to post one message? We'll give you social media management tools actually geared towards business. write your posts one time and selectively choose which networks to post it to. Not ready to post yet? Simply schedule your post for a future date and time that suits your needs.