Powerful Email Marketing

Email is the foundation of all digital marketing, so make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts with our patented & powerful email engine.

Create nicely styled (or text based personal) email campaigns quickly with our customizable, out-of-the-box template library.  Build your own fully-branded templates (from headers and logos to font size and color) with our simplified WYSIWYG editor — no IT or deep HTML knowledge needed! Personalize the buyer’s journey and tailor your emails to your prospects’ interests with dynamic content.

Optimize deliverability with custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, email testing, and automated CAN-SPAM compliance.

Mail Merge

Mail merge makes it easy to personalize email content, not only with prospect information, but also by ensuring that the email comes from the person assigned to manage the relationship. 

Beyond Sending

LeadRocket also provides full email marketing support for individual communications sent by Sales Reps & others on the team, both through easy-to-use email templates & via the LeadRocket Plug-Ins for Microsoft® Outlook® and Google Chrome. Only LeadRocket lets anyone on the team send fully trackable emails without requiring any website tagging or server changes. 


LeadRocket delivers much more insight for your email marketing programs by deep-tracking -without any website instrumentation or IT intervention - the entire visit. Website visit replays help sales & marketers see exactly what the prospect is interested in. By combining email marketing automation with website analytics, LeadRocket uses CRM marketing automation to turn e-mail into an instant response system for prospect qualification.